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SpamButcher is advanced anti-spam software.

SpamButcher is a client-side anti-spam software application. It will solve your spam problem.

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SpamButcher is a software application - not a service. This offers many advantages over spam filtering services:
  • Your email never leaves your computer. No one at SpamButcher antispam has access to your account information or mail.

  • You always see the messages the anti-spam software intercepts, and can easily restore them if needed.

  • You configure how SpamButcher's spam control software works by adding custom filters and known senders.

  • Your email client retrieves email directly from your current server - no configuration changes are needed.

  • SpamButcher is a single purchase of $29.95. There are no additional service or upgrade charges. You will never need to pay for anti-spam software again!

Your purchase includes a 30-day money back return policy. If you find yourself unsatisfied with the product's performance during this period, simply contact SpamButcher and we will make arrangements for a refund.

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