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Why do I keep getting spam from Yahoo!?

Here at SpamButcher - we take every piece of spam that gets through our spam tool seriously.

When we are able positively validate that a spam message was analyzed by our filters, and we failed to detect it - we conduct a sort of mini post-mortem on it.

Inversely, the same goes double for any message that was blocked - but was actually wanted by the recipient.

So, as senior missed-spam-evaluator, what frustrates me is how much crap we seem to get from Yahoo! accounts.

Of course, it's easy to spoof a message as coming from a particular domain. That doesn't seem to be what's going on here though. These messages look as if they actually originate from Yahoo! servers.

They even include SPF information (although in all honesty I haven't taken the time to validate it). If these messages are spoofed - someone's taking a lot of time to make their emails look like they're coming from Yahoo!

Compounding the problem is that Yahoo! mail is generally delivered with, "crap-added." Users of free email accounts from Yahoo! are in effect delivering Yahoo's advertising to anyone they send mail to. This crap looks a lot like spam, unfortunately due to Yahoo's popularity - most email blocking systems (including SpamButcher) are hesitant to filter it under any situation.

So, unless I'm mistaken - Yahoo! needs to get its act togather and do something to prevent spammers from abusing their free email accounts. Considering how much spam they appear to send - I can only presume a single new free account may be capable of sending thousands of new messages in a single day.

I know Yahoo! is a big fan of CAPTCHA tests - but if the reward is high enough - a real live human may take the time to respond to one.

How about limiting new free accounts to 30 messages a day, or maybe to no more than 10 recipients per message?


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