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SpamButcher - Block Email You Don't Want

SpamButcher is a cutting edge spam filter that lets you block email you don't want in your inbox. Unwanted messages are removed from your server before they are delivered to your email client.

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SpamButcher was developed over several years to provide users with a simple solution to spam mail and other junk email.

SpamButcher doesn't need scheduled filter updates to stay highly effective. When updates are released - they can be downloaded from www.spambutcher.com free of charge. SpamButcher is a purchase you only have to make once - there are never any service fees.

SpamButcher's message blocking works with almost any email program and can help you to manage up to 9 different accounts. It can even be left running on your desktop PC to block spam e-mail, while you check your messages remotely via a laptop or mobile device such as a cell-phone or PDA.

If you prefer, you can install SpamButcher separately on your laptop to minimize junk mail without needing to purchase an additional license. The license allows for installing on one additional secondary computer assuming the license holder is its primary user. SpamButcher's license price should not be confused with a subscription. The product's cost is truly a single purchase of $29.95. SpamButcher has a policy of not charging for general support or upgrades.

SpamButcher lets you block emails according to a set of internal filters, and custom rules that you can define. You can also set SpamButcher's filter to be more aggressive or less aggressive when detecting unwanted messages.

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