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Block Unwanted Email with SpamButcher

SpamButcher is designed to do one thing: block unwanted email.

SpamButcher was developed after the first batch of anti-spam products simply failed to perform well. The products commonly didn't stop unwanted email, while at the same time accidentally catching wanted email. These problems were due to their overly-simplistic filtering systems.

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With other spam blocker software, a single string in an email can cause it to be filtered. Also, if spammers manage to avoid the publicly available list of phrases in the filter, the unwanted message will bypass the filter.

To provide better performance, SpamButcher was the first product to ship utilizing fuzzy logic to block unwanted emails.

This lets SpamButcher's spam filtering software examine multiple data points about the message collectively to figure out if it's spam or legitimate. A single concerning keyword within an email from a friend will not cause it to be falsely filtered. There is not a publicly published database of known good or bad phrases that spammers can easily work around with minor tweaks to their mail.

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