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The SpamButcher Blog (also outdated) can be found here.

Open Melt - an open source melty brain / translational drift project.

Robot Part Reviews | Western Allied Robotics
Crash-Course on Making a Combat Robot

Recent Projects:
Melty B - Translation Drift Combat Robot - (New Video!)
Hacked FailSafe for the Spektrum DX6
Autonomous GPS Test Platform
Autonomous Bastard 4.0

Autonomous B 2.0 Build Reports: Report 1 Report 2 Report 3 Report 4 Report 5 Report 6

Another Bastard took 1st place at Da Vinci Days.

Some video footage:

Another B vs Adam's Cowardly Doorstop
Mission Control vs Another B
One of the Monkey Bots vs. Another B
Trilocity vs. Something Adam Put Together
The full video from the event can be downloaded here

Build Report - Another Bastard

On April 18th, 2004 Autonomous Bastard became the first autonomous (self-controlled) combat robot in history to ever beat a human controlled robot.

Here's the video: Autonomous Bastard vs. Squirrel

Autonomous B Build Reports: Report 1 Report 2 Report 3 Report 4 Source Code

Autonomous Bastard uses technology created for SpamButcher's anti-spam software.

Double B(astard) Construction Reports:
Planning Drivetrain Working Fully Functional Final Update Post Fight Report

Double B was Rumble Champion at Seattle Bot Battles!!!

Apologies in Advance competed at RustyCon

RustyCon video footage:
Apologies in Advance gets Slaughtered in the Rumble
Ripple Takes Apart Apologies in Advance
E-Minus Vs. Striketoo
Inkling Vs. Pocket Monkey
Bad Karma Vs. Other
Ratastophe Vs. Inkling

Apologies in Advance Construction Reports:
New parts Beta 1 RC1 Post-Mortem

Arrogant Bastard took third place at the Da Vinci Days AntWeight Tournament!

More info on Arrogant Bastard
Quicktime movie of Arrogant Bastard causing much destruction.

Arrogant Bastard Construction Reports:
How it got started, Little Death, Damage Test, Next Generation, Early Bastard, Bastard .1,
Working, Getting Close, Broken Glass, Ready, Final, First Event

Da Vinci Days video footage:
Arrogant Bastard vs. Micro Maggot (1.3MB)
Arrogant Bastard vs. Nut Cracker (5.9MB)
The Rumble (5.6MB)
Ouch! (.5MB)
Harpo Recovers (.5MB)

SpamButcher Combat Robotics Tech Notes / Older Articles:
Almost Frustration-Free Homebrew PCB via Laser Printer
Using the SRF04 Sonar Range Finder with the Basic Atom Pro
Web enabled combat robot
Autonomous GPS Test Platform (0.1 alpha)