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The following release is provided via PRWEB. SpamButcher is not related to or responsible for its content.

Arrowhead Publications Online Inc. is proactive with banning the use of Scumware, Scams and Spam. Luckyduckydave is an advertising and network marketing business that offers biding for advertisers and a lottery for consumers. Members may join for free and get paid to participate by viewing and collectively commenting about the sponsors advertisement for a portion of the revenue.

(PRWEB) December 27, 2003 --
Arrowhead Publications Online Inc.
Las Vegas, Nevada:

Websites offering free entry into cash lotteries in return for providing contact/personal information and viewing advertising sponsors have become very popular in the past few years. Demographics suggest senior citizen groups to be more willing to make this exchange but new websites and networks are being designed for various demographic groups. Nearly equally in popularity are advertising/marketing websites that offer to pay it's members a portion of the advertising revenue for using their sites features such as paid to read email, paid to surf, and paid to use their search engine to name a few. These websites operate both as incentive driven sales generators and advertising or affiliate vendor operators. These type of websites create a means to literally pay members who join for free to pay attention to their advertisement.

Because millions of personal computers are infected or have been infected with Scumware (Spyware, Parasiteware) and it's affects with affiliate programs, resource links for getting rid of Scumware with free options will be provided. Arrowhead Publications is active with facilitating the democratic process with new technologies and proactive with optimizing overall safe, pleasant web experiences by consumers as well as conducting ethical, effective promotional campaigns with marketers. Policies to protect privacy are practiced on a business level as well as petitioned to government officials. operates in an open forum for marketers to reach their customers by providing open discourse of consumer revues of their product or service and never sells or rents its list. There is no need for data mining spyware to covertly monitor member's web activity habits or need for pop-ups, pop-unders, ip broadcasting, spam or other forms of coercive, unethical marketing such as telemarketing or junk mail reselling of participant's personal information without clear consent. Simply view the sponsor's ad in some form or another, post a comment about it with the amount of contact information desired and receive credit towards a portion of the advertising revenue from the sponsors. Legitimate contact information must be supplied for all business transactions with Arrowhead Publications. Scumware, Scams and Spam or any other forms of harassment will not be tolerated. Marketers are encouraged and expected to be aware of their interested target audience's contact preferences and conduct prospecting and customer support accordingly. Marketers and members will be screened and monitored while at and those who do not follow policy will be banned.

As the main theme of is of a lottery and lottery pool nature, direct links for Gamblers Anonymous are listed on nearly all the pages of Luckyduckydave. Public service announcements advising how to not fall victim to scams, cons, and frauds as well as how to be aware of marketing tactics and creating a pleasant web experience will be distributed and encouraged for discourse. The "Penny for your thoughts" forum at acts as a consumer reports for members and research and rapport for marketers in an open environment that is networking ready including chat rooms to create a sales hum.

Advertisers will be offered campaigns to bid on while consumers will be offered a chance to enter into a pick three lottery for the majority of the weekly advertising revenue. Win-win negotiating with everything out on the table is encouraged and administrated at Luckyduckydave. Entertaining news and trivia dealing with lottery, lottery pools, lottery products or services, business, business opportunities and luck or forune will be included along with the various types of paid advertisements. The ‘Penny for your thoughts' forum and ‘lady luck' chat rooms provide an open interactive networking environment where advertisers and consumers alike can get their ducks in a row.

Contact Information:
Arrowhead Publications Online Inc.
Las Vegas, Nevada

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