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Please Don't Use Incredimail

I've been hesitant to name the exact email client that frustrates me so much out of fear of offending users. However, I think the time has come.

Even though it works with SpamButcher's spam blocking system, I wish people wouldn't use Incredimail. Why you ask?

Incredimail makes your email messages huge. I've seen messages as large as 800K. More commonly the emails are around 80k. This is still about 10 times larger than not-so-incredible emails.

No one will take your seriously. Do you think people would like it if you hummed "If you're happy and you know it" for 30 seconds after each voicemail you left? Then why do you think people enjoy the 14 dancing smiley faces attached to each email your send?

It labels you as technically illiterate. Resumes authored from Incredimail go right in the garbage.

It looks like spam - and sometimes it is. Incredimail adds all sorts of crap to email. In fact, you might even say the products primary purpose is to add crap to email. Antispam tools see this junk and filter it out as spam. The free version of Incredimail attaches advertisements to each message - making it all the more like spam.

SpamButcher's junk email filter is specifically tuned to let most Incredimail messages through. The same isn't necessarily the case for other filters. If you're using Incredimail - a good chunk of your messages may never reach their destination.

If you're an existing user and I've offended you, sorry.

At various points SpamButcher has specifically supported Incredimail. Technically, the spam filter program works fine with it. From a practical standpoint, Incredimail users seem to have a lot of support issues. Existing users will continue to be supported. When new customers ask if the product works with Incredimail, the answer is "we don't recommend it."


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