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Some Recent Anti-Spam Developments...

As our customers have hopefully been noting, we've been engaged in a serious crack-down on spammers in the last fews months.

Not to suggest we haven't been on the ball previously, but there has distinctly been an intensified effort as of recent to catch every last piece of spam possible. So what specifically have we been doing?

Email messages should generally not be sent from dial-up accounts directly to your incoming SMTP server. There are a couple exceptions to this, like if the other party uses your ISP. SpamButcher attempts to take account these exceptions, but gives "points" when things don't seem right.

Some countries send more spam than others. SpamButcher's email spam filter "knows" this now. Some countries send more spam than others. (Some countries' mothers, send more spam than other countries' mothers.)

Some stock related spam is now doing large-scale character substitution. That is, they're using umlauts instead "e" and such similar things. The new development is that they're doing it randomly throughout the entire message. We haven't developed code to filter this junk email yet, but it shouldn't be hard.


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