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20 Questions

One of the great things about having a free trial is that most users can quickly answer the question "is SpamButcher a good product for me?" all by themselves. Users get a full 21-days to try the product out before needing to pay. Even after purchasing, they still can choose to get their money back for a full 30-days after purchasing.

Still, I'm amazed at how many people would much rather send me email requesting info before simply trying the application out. When I was trying to figure out how to stop unwanted emails, I shopped the market - trying out every trial I could. I'm honestly a bit baffled when other people don't take this approach.

The following thread is a composite of a few different ones. Painfully, the "punch line" has happened in reality at least a few times.

Q: Does SpamButcher work with more than one account?
A: Yes - it works with up to 9 accounts. I'd suggest downloading the free trial and seeing how it works for yourself.

Q: Can SpamButcher be setup to block email coming from certain addresses?
A: Yes - SpamButcher can be setup to block email coming from specific email addresses or domains. It's pretty easy to figure out - have you downloaded that free trial yet?

Q: Will SpamButcher work with my 600Mhz Compaq Pentium running Windows 98?
A: Should work fine. If you download the free trial - you'll be able to find out for sure.

Q: I want be able to look over any spam that SpamButcher's removed from my inbox before it deletes it. Is there a way to do this?
A: Yes - by default the anti spam software holds any blocked spam for review for several days. Could I perhaps interest you in a free trial? Just click any of the "Download" links on the website.

Q: OK, I bought SpamButcher - it's really for my mother. She can't get it to work with her AOL account. Can you call her at 224-555-1212 and walk her through it?

Even though I'm not exactly religious - I now take a moment to recite the serenity prayer.

A: SpamButcher doesn't work with AOL accounts. No, I will not call your mother. Would you like your money back? Yes, I think that's a great idea - I'll just go ahead and issue that refund.


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