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SpamButcher Spam Prevention Solution

SpamButcher is a spam prevention software application that can prevent up to 98% of spam from getting in your inbox. Most users find it can eliminate the vast majority of their spam.

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SpamButcher was designed to provide a simple, immediate anti-spam solution for end-users. The resulting product can start to kill spam within a few minutes of being installed. SpamButcher does not need to "learn" which messages are spam and which aren't - it's been educated on the methods of preventing spam ahead of time.

SpamButcher can be customized with your own anti-spam rules. You can easily create lists of known senders and custom filter phrases to determine which messages should be blocked. SpamButcher can optionally be configured to use a spam prevention blacklist.

SpamButcher is a spam prevention software program that you install on your computer. SpamButcher does not depend on any external server or service to prevent spam.

SpamButcher is a one-time spam prevention purchase. Any subsequent support requests, updates or upgrades to help SpamButcher's spam filters prevent spam are free of cost.

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