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Spam Blocking Software - The Next Generation

The SpamButcher spam blocking software is the result of extensive research into anti-spam technology. SpamButcher uses the latest fuzzy logic system to stop most spam.

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Some spam blocking software applications still depend on antiquated simple text spam filtering systems. These programs commonly fail to block unwanted email and have problems with blocking email that's wanted.

SpamButcher uses next generation fuzzy logic spam email blocking technology to stop up to 98% of unwanted email with low risk of false positives. SpamButcher's fuzzy logic system is completely pre-trained and doesn't require user configuration to be highly effective.

In addition to SpamButcher's built-in filters for blocking email - you can define custom filters to block unwanted email containing certain phrases or from certain senders.

The software behind SpamButcher regularly incorporates algorithm updates to adapt to changing trends in spam and tactics used by spammers. These upgrades are made available to users without cost. At any time a user can download the latest version without needing to uninstall or reregister their copy of the application.

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