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SpamFreeze is a free service provided by SpamButcher for webmasters, Bloggers and anyone else who needs to publish their address online without fear of being spammed.

Users who already have a significant spam problem may want to consider installing the SpamButcher spam filter.

Enter the email address you would like a SpamFreeze URL for:

Increasingly, spammers obtain email addresses by the use of "spiders"- computer programs that crawl the web extracting information from websites. SpamFreeze makes your email address invisible to spiders, helping to minimize how much spam you receive.

Getting setup is easy. Just provide your email address and you will be issued a snippet of HTML code including a link that has your email address encoded within it.

When a user clicks on the link to your email, they will need to identify a word jumbled within an image to verify they are not actually a spider collecting email addresses. After doing so, they will be provided with your email address.

SpamButcher will not send your address junk email or sell it to any third-parties. See the terms of service for further details.

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