Windows Vista penetration slow, hard and painful.

Published by rich on Friday, January 4, 2008 - 07:06:51

I just ran some stats on Considering it’s been roughly 1 year since Windows Vista was released, I figured it would be interesting to see how many users are using the product.

Hey - 7.5% after only one year on the market! That’s, uh, well - not very impressive.

These numbers can’t be viewed as scientific - but I think they’re pretty indicative of the market in general. These numbers don’t include non-Windows users. This is to say, 7.5% of Windows users hitting, are using Windows Vista.

Once you get past the public-relations fluff, it’s clear Microsoft is having problems meeting its goals with Vista.

It should be noted that Windows Vista includes a new version of Outlook Express (now called Windows Mail, or something like that). It apparently even includes some kind of anti-spam filter functionality.

What’s that? Microsoft’s giving away free e-mail filtering with Vista? Fortunately for SpamButcher, being “good” at “things” isn’t one of Microsoft’s core competencies.

Microsoft Outlook Spam Blocker - Junk Email Filters