Blogspot Spam

Published by rich on Monday, February 25, 2008 - 07:04:48

We’ve got a few “secret weapons” against spam at SpamButcher, and URL analysis is one of them.

Most spam has some kind of URL that it hopes to direct users to. More often than not, those URLs can be dissected to reveal they belong to a spam message.

SpamButcher isn’t the only spam stopper taking this approach. Spammers know this and have taken measures to make their URLs appear more legitimate. Usually this means trying to somehow host the initial URL included in the spam message someplace that looks “clean.”

Spammers frequently piggy back their websites on URL shortening services, search engines, or any website that lets the user quickly create a new mini-website of their own (such as a free blogging service).

Blogspot has most recently fallen victim to this. In the last two days I’ve received five messages all pointing at Blogspot blogs which redirect to spam sites.

The problem isn’t new. Blogspot has been pegged as a home of spammers since 2005.

More recently, Microsoft suggested that Blogspot was made up of 75% spam. Keep in mind Blogspot is owned by Google, and that Microsoft, well is Microsoft.

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