I don’t read your email.

Published by rich on Tuesday, March 18, 2008 - 17:23:16

All those snarky sys-admin-would-be-hacker types have been flocking to buy one of Thinkgeek’s shirts:

Hopefully they’ll forgive me for stealing (and butchering) their image. If you want to buy the shirt, you can do so here.

Yes it’s true, almost anyone in a position with slight IT authority, or l33T hacker prowess can easily read someone’s email.

They can watch it “go down the pipe” as SMTP is not a secure protocol. If they have (or can obtain) administrative rights, they can read it right off the server. There are also many other opportunities for the ethically unencumbered.

However, I think this a design that offers much more insightful social commentary:

This shirt is perfect for nearly everyone:

- Those who wish they never gave Mom their email address

- Executives who are a little too busy to care

- Helpdesk staff more interested in World of Warcraft

- “Valerie” at Valpak

- Anyone who has a friend with Incredimail.

- As a gift to those who keep resending the same support request, without trying any previously suggested solutions - or if they did, not mentioning if they worked or not.

I’ve come to the slow, sad conclusion that just someone replies to your email, doesn’t mean they actually read it.

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